Breaking Bad : Season 1 Best Musics and Soundtracks

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Hi there! Not only Breaking Bad is the best show in television right now, but it’s also have many soundtracks which are really great. So, this time I will try to make a compilation or list about cool Breaking Bad’s musics. This series will cover about cool soundtracks on each Breaking Bad’s season. Let’s begin with Season 1 !

And, just like you, I am also waiting for the finale season which will air on 11 August ! In case you’re wondering, I am an engineer from Indonesia. All posts except this series is written in Bahasa Indonesia. Long story short, let’s get to the list of Breaking Bad’s season 1 best musics !

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Breaking Bad Season 1 : Top 15 Best Musics

This list is unordered

  1. Tamacun – Rodrigo y Gabriela
  2. Without You – Sasha Dobson
  3. Who’s Gonna Save My Soul – Gnarls Barkley
  4. Fly – The Pack
  5. Los Pistoleros – Jonaty Garcia
  6. It’s Such a Good Night (Scoobidoo Love) – Paul Rothman
  7. The Hole – Glen Phillips
  8. Out of Time Man – Mick Harvey
  9. Uh! – Fujiya & Miyagi
  10. Catch Yer Own Train – The Silver Seas
  11. Candy Everybody Wants – 10.000 Maniacs
  12. Nine Years – Ticklah
  13. Didn’t I – Darondo
  14. Dead Fingers Talking – Working For A Nuclear Free City
  15. You’re Movin’ Me – Clyde McPatther

That’s all. 😉 Hope you enjoy my compilation!

All credits goes to the rightful owner and creator of the music and AMC TV Networks.

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