Poem ~ Oh God The Almighty

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This poem originally dedicated for a girl who used to have low self-esteem in life. I write this on maybe somewhat at 1st or 2nd Decembers. I originally had planned to sent this to her at 4th December, when her presentation day is at 5th December. But I decided to not sent this poem to her and ended up posted this poem here, so if there are girls who have a low self-esteem. You should read this, and (hopefully) be enlighten up. :p


Oh God The Almighty

Thank you for creating the earth~

I only believe in this earth I once saw from my plane

From up, human are so little

They just like dots

But I want You to please focusing on this dot

This cute little dot

This dot is working hard day and night

Doing her best on her final project

Ah yeah, maybe she is still mad at me

She said I have manipulated her mind and feeling

Yeah I did

I did that because I was insecure

because I was immature

because I just don’t know what am I doing


Tomorrow is her presentation day

Do you know, dear God ?

Presentation day is somehow can make us nervous

Can make us panic, afraid, anxious

That’s why I humbly asking you…

please make her mind become much sharper

please make her speech become much clearer

please make her presentation day going smoothly

Cause I know, this girl have been working so hard

She is deserves the best


Oh, God, I swear on Your name

I don’t care about what happened to her

I don’t give a damn about her past

I just adore her for the way she is now

That’s why if she give me another chance

If she forgive me

I would never manipulated her again

I would treasure her forever


God, I will sent this prayer to her

So that she will know and remember

That even in the lowest condition in life

in the most miserable situation in life

There’s always someone who will admire her

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